Planinsek Art

Night Sky 2H - Framed Print

Regular price $695.00

Planinsek Art offer three sizes of Framed Prints. Custom sizes are available on request.

55cm x 75cm
75cm x 100cm
90cm x 120cm

All of the designs in the Framed Print series, feature glimpses of original artworks, painted by Chloe Planinsek. After Chloe finishes a painting, she photographs sections of the artwork, which then becomes a part of the Print Series.

As most of the original paintings have sold, please contact Planinsek Art if you wish to have an original painting commissioned, in a similar style, to accompany your framed prints.
Framed Prints are custom made. Please allow one week before orders are sent out. 

For trade enquiries, please contact Planinsek Art.

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