About Planinsek Art


Chloe PlaninsekChloe Planinsek is a Melbourne based commercial abstract artist who is commissioned by the Architectural and Interior Design industry throughout Australia.

With a focus on commission work, Chloe has painted countless pieces based off her previously sold pieces and adapted the colours to suit her clients. This customised service allows the client to have the perfect piece of art, in the right size for their space.

Inspired by nature's landscapes and the ever changing cloud formations for her Cloud Series artworks, Chloe brings a sense of harmony and fluidity to her paintings which offer peace and happiness to a room, whether it be a home, an entrance to a building, a café/restaurant, or office environment.

Chloe's other unique style is bold and abstract which is a complete opposite to her cloud paintings.

Having had experience interior decorating and working with many decorators and designers by painting custom artworks, Chloe will often go on-site to measure up and discuss the brief for paintings which she is commissioned to paint. This maximizes the potential to create a perfect piece of art that will tie in the room and all of its elements together.

Chloe believes in excellent customer service and providing people with art they love and a service they remember. 


Chloe has proudly donated artworks to a range of charities and enjoys seeing her artworks make a difference, whether they are sold via auction at fundraisers, or donating artworks for charity houses in the hope of lifting the spirits of the visitors who are temporarily living there. Chloe has donated a volume of artworks which have filled two of the Ronald McDonald Charity Houses in Parkville which have received heartfelt feedback from visitors who have stayed there so far.

Chloe is the co-owner of the Australian Made Chocolate, Biscuit & Confectionery Company TLUXAU.

TLUXAU is in over 120 independent supermarkets and grocery stores mainly in Victoria. We are sure you have come across the brand at your local IGA or grocer. If you haven't tried them before, we highly recommend the Chocolate Coated Raspberries!